How to make the perfect bathroom for the office

With all the attention paid to bathroom decor, how do you make a space that actually works?Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your bathroom.1.Make it a work area 1.Don’t let yourself be distracted by other distractions.You can’t have a room where you can’t be creative, so make sure you’re…

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With all the attention paid to bathroom decor, how do you make a space that actually works?

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your bathroom.


Make it a work area 1.

Don’t let yourself be distracted by other distractions.

You can’t have a room where you can’t be creative, so make sure you’re creating space for other people.


Keep things simple.

Don “do nothing,” and make your space an easy to use space that’s easy to navigate and use.


Use bright colors and lots of text.

Make sure you put things in the right places.

You don’t want a bathroom that looks like a giant bathroom bookcase.


Use small materials to add color to the space.

There’s nothing worse than having to go back to your old, dusty, hard-to-reach places to replace them.


Use simple wallpaper and trim to keep things neat.

If you’re using the bathroom in a small space, you can always use a wallpaper that’s less than two feet wide and less than 15 feet long.

If your bathroom is bigger, use larger wallpapers that can fit in the space and use trimming tools to add more volume.


Use a small mirror to reflect the light.

The more light you have, the more natural it will look.


Use clear, light-blocking fabric or a mesh curtain.

If the bathroom is in a large space, use clear, transparent fabric and a mesh fabric curtain.


Use decorative glass and mirrors.

If it’s dark out, use light-reflecting glass or mirrors.


Use glass mirrors.

You’ll have more fun with a room with a lot of mirrors than a quiet, dark room.


Have the bathroom’s décor at least partly reflective.

If there’s not a lot going on in the room, try putting a mirror in the middle of the bathroom.

You won’t need it if the room is a quiet space.


Use an umbrella.

The extra light you can give it helps create a feeling of openness and serenity.


Use light fixtures, like a ceiling fan, to create a sense of privacy.


Put a mirror up in the wall to help create a subtle effect.


Use reflective tile or an archway to create the illusion of a large room.


Use large mirrors to make a room look smaller.


Don the hat and sunglasses.

If people are coming into the bathroom, make sure the room has a little bit of room so they don’t see you.


Don a hoodie and a mask to keep the cold out.


Dress appropriately.

If a shower is coming in, make it extra-cleaning so it doesn’t look gross.


Make a bathroom a place for relaxing.

The bathroom should be quiet, so the air gets in and out, and the air becomes a calming and soothing place.


Have an outside light.

If we’re talking about a bathroom, a light that is visible to people will make a huge difference in the overall mood of the room.


Choose a bathroom with a clear glass window.

It’s easier to see if you’re cleaning your bathroom than if you are.


Use curtains to hide a light in the bathroom window.


Make your bathroom look like a space for art.

You want the space to feel natural, so choose materials that will make it easy to paint or draw or make a little space for a painting.


Use floor mats and carpet to add some texture.


Put mirrors in the corner of the space, so you can see the reflection.


Make the bathroom an exercise in relaxing.

You should be able to get away from it all day.


Put more furniture and furniture pieces in the center of the toilet and a few smaller pieces in different areas.

You could also add a little light so you have a little more to work with.


Use dividers to add a bit of privacy in the corners of the rooms.


Place a mirror above the toilet to reflect a light into the room through the mirror.


Add an art bench in the back to create an art space for the entire family.


Use mirrors and mirrors everywhere.

If possible, put mirrors up on all the walls in the bathrooms.


Use white curtains in the bedroom to create more natural lighting.


Use mirror curtains in every bathroom.


Have a mirror on the bathroom floor.


Add a little furniture in the kitchen so you don’t have to go outside to get food.


Make every bathroom an activity.

Have fun with your bathroom, especially if it’s for family gatherings.


Use lighting to create privacy and serene ambiance.

The lighting in the shower room is perfect for relaxation.

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