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How to make your own glass door cover

The glass door is the most common and iconic design for your home, but the process of making it can be a bit daunting.To begin, you need a glass floor.This is a layer of polyurethane that forms an exterior barrier around the inside of your home and is usually used for doors and windows.This layer…

What is a Glass Door Valve?

Glass doors are a popular feature in modern home and office environments, but can they be more safely and effectively used?Glass doors come in two basic styles, a glass and a non-glass door.The glass door is the one most often found in offices and homes, but there are also other styles of glass doors that…

How to DIY an antique glass Door

The new era of glass door hardware is upon us.It’s time to take a look at some of the most popular options available, and get a little DIY on your door.If you’re looking for a little extra flair, you can also get a fancy looking door for less than the price of a new one.

What You Need to Know About the Glass Door Breaking Attack in Edinburgh

A man has been charged with causing serious harm after a glass door broke in Edinburgh on Monday night.The man, who is also believed to have a wife and child in the house, was arrested on Tuesday and is expected to appear in court in Edinburgh later this week.Police said the incident happened at about…

How to get your perfect home cinema soundproof

How to make your soundproof glass doors and windows work as soundproof soundproofs for a wide range of TVs, Blu-ray players and more.There’s also a great guide on how to add your own soundproofing options to your home.